Caroline Vanessa Doering

Age 18, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Kana Leonard

Age 14, Brooklyn, NY

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Regine Tanson

Age 15, Long Beach, CA

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Mackenzie Loren

Age 13, Leonia, NJ

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We told you about a movie we’re making called The Sisterhood of Night. We invited you to submit your best photography, performance, fashion, and music, for a chance to have your work featured in the movie, or to land a featured role.

You responded. More than 1,200 submissions came to us from all over the country. Bloomington, Indiana. Hamlet, North Carolina. Berwyn, Pennsylvania. You shared your art and your dreams with us. That takes guts. You told us about the artists that inspire you. Brooke Shaden, Tim Walker, Janis Joplin, and Jennifer Lawrence. Taylor Swift, Marc Jacobs, Cass Bird, and more.

You inspire us. Here’s what some of you had to say...

“I hope to bring to the film a kind of voice of the girls who don't always speak their mind, the shy ones, and show that there are many way of expressing yourself through things like photographs or fashion.” -Alysia
“[T]he beauty of living and waking up every morning is something many people take for granted. My grandmother always told me, 'You're alive aren't you? Well honey that's something to celebrate.'" -Sevin
“It’s hard for me to fathom ever outgrowing New York--it still fascinates me just as much as it ever did--and the city, as well as its artists, remain some of my biggest inspirations.” -Gabriella
“A lot of fantasy and surreal art inspires me. Things like faeries, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, magic, wizards, mythology, and ghosts and the supernatural.” -Hailey
“I love to perform and create. I love the entire process. I like how you can think of one line, and one line becomes two, and then it tells a story.” -Dana
“I see the world as full of opportunity and beauty.” -Agnes
“Through my performance all I really want to do is show who I really am. Living through characters allows me to live my life in ways I'm either not able to or am too afraid to.” -Natasha
“This is the time to chase my dreams. There is nothing tying me down. Acting is the life I want, I can't see myself doing anything else.” -Tierney
“i like to have a vision. an idea, and to capture that--whatever that may be and portray that through my work.” -Sarah
“Everything, just the world, everything around me just inspires me.” -Andrea
“I love getting lost in a character.” -Gillian
“I want to change the world with my photography.” -Julia
“Nature inspires me, going through its different cycles, constantly providing a different view of the world. That's just what I want to show people, the diversity that the world and art provides us.” -Courtney
“I found that I could come home from school and get my emotions out through songs and no one would ever hear them. It was like a diary that no one could ever find because they were my songs in my head.” -Savannah
“As an artist, I love everything about acting and I try to make it as believable as possible. What inspires me the most would be the thought of knowing you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.”-Gregory
“I feel most at peace deep in the forest with my camera.” -Lorena
“i wanna show that a lil girl from the bronx can reach her dreams.” -Beatriz

Contribute your vision. Be in a movie. Here's how.





What's the movie about?

Everyone has secrets. Some you tell your best friend, and some you write in your diary. Sometimes, it's in a photo. A song. The way you look or the way you smile. Secrets fill the world around us. This is where you can share that world. Pass it on.

About The Contest

Deadline for Entries: April 1, 2012

We’re making a movie called The Sisterhood of Night about YOU. Real everyday teenagers. We can’t think of a better way to make a movie that you will like and respect and that will maybe affect you in the tiniest way than to invite you to be a part of making it.

So we came up with The Secret Sisterhood Contest, a community-based, nationwide search for the most cutting edge teen talents in photography, performance, fashion, and music. This is where you can check out the top entries that have made it into The Sisterhood, meet new artists, and get updates on the upcoming movie. But this is also a contest so those of you who submit will be competing to have your work featured in the movie, or to land a featured role. For real.


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